The song sisters, Hannah, Miriam, and Lena, derive inspiration for their unique styles from each other, and social media. They all love fashion, and commented on how their outfits fuel their confidence. From oversized t-shirts and converse to printed skirts and boots, these girls can style anything. Continue reading and check out their interview to learn more about how to style yourself like a song sister!

Body Suit: Urban Outfitters || Skirt: Online thrift store || Shoes: Depop

Dress: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Blowfish

Shirt: Nasty Gal || Skirt: El Solar || Shoes: Blowfish

Shirt: H&M || Pants: Levi’s || Shoes: Nike Air Force 1’s

Top: Thrifted || Pants: Dickies || Shoes: Puma

Shirt: Zumiez ||Overalls: Thrifted || Shoes: Converse

Check out our YouTube video below for the Song Sisters podcast!


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