Liam and Aaron both have very distinct styles that make them recognizable. They pay close attention to detail and color to create the parts of their outfits that make them stand out. They inspire others through their bold fashion choices and confidence. Keep reading to find out what stores fuel their wardrobes!

Jacket: Guess Sports Thrifted || Shirt: Thrifted || Pants: Homemade || Fanny Pack: Bershka || Shoes: Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweggo from Ssense

Shirt: Depop || Pants: Old Navy || Chain: Depop || Shoes: Customized Converse

Neckerchief: His Mom || Jacket: Calvin Klien from Macy’s || Shirt: Thrifted || Pants: Zara || Shoes: Y3 Kaiwa Pod / Ren from Endclothing

Shirt: Depop || Pants: Old Navy || Hat: Found in New York || Shoes: Customized Converse

Check out the YouTube video below for more of Liam and Aaron!

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