Kiki X Stampede

Kiki’s style “is what it is”. From graphic tees, skirts and sneakers, and matching sets, Kiki explored and meshed so many different styles for her feature! She thrifts most of her clothes, and tries to create a new outfit each time she gets dressed. She is constantly pushing her stylistic boundaries and comforts, so you’ve come to a great place for inspiration! Check out the pictures from our photoshoot to get a taste of kiki’s closet. Also, be sure to watch her interview linked below!

Shirt: Rag-O-Rama Thrift || Pants: Park Avenue Thrift || Shoes: Goat App

Top: Blushmark || Skirt: ASOS || Shoes: Goat App || Purse: Target

Matching Set: Her mom’s closet

To learn more about Kiki and her style journey, check out her interview below!

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