Jackson draws his inspiration from drag. He spoke specifically to us about how drag influences not only his clothes and makeup but his confidence. Coming out also pushed him to use clothes as a physical expression of what he was experiencing and how he was finding himself. In the shoot Jackson shared with us his fall favorites; for some Jackson inspiration, check out the photos below!

Top: H&M || Jacket:Nordstrom || Pants: Nordstrom || Belt: Walmart || Glasses: H&M

Jacket: Urban Outfitters || Belt: Walmart || Pants: Nordstrom || Shoes: Doc Martins || Sunglasses: Origi

Shirt: Goodwill || Pants: Thrifted || Belt: Thrifted || Shoes: Shoe Carnival || Sunglasses: Thrifted

To learn more about Jackson and his fashion journey, check out his interview below!

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