Brooke draws her inspiration from Y2K fashion and black models on Instagram. She spoke to us specifically about how much social media influences her and has helped her confidence to grow through the growing number of influencers she’s seen that are more representative of her, because growing up those influences were not as present in pop culture. She loves to get up everyday and get dressed as it is important to her how she presents herself. She encourages everyone to branch out in their own personal styles in order to gain confidence and increase their self-love. In this shoot, Brooke displays her favorite fall transition outfits including everything from comfy to lacy. Enjoy the pics and get some inspiration from Brooke’s look book!

Satin Scarf Top: Corciova (thrifted) || Jeans: Mek Denim (thrifted) || Waist Beads: Meangel (amazon) || Shoes: Air Force 1s || Earrings: Angie’s Beauty Supply || Necklaces: Claire’s

Bralette: Forever 21 || Flannel: American Rag Cie (thrifted) || Sweat Shorts: Pretty Little Thing (thrifted) || Shoes: Air Force 1s

Top: American Rag Cie (thrifted) || Jeans: Men’s Wrangler (thrifted and painted) || Gold Waist Chain (thrifted) || Shoes: Air Force 1s

To learn more about Brooke and her style development, check out her interview below!

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