Harrison x Stampede

Harrison loves to express himself through his style, and that is abundantly clear in this shoot! From florals to butterflies he knows how to pair the perfect summer pieces together. His confidence has influenced his style, as it has grown so has his closet. He’s gone from covering himself up to voicing who he is through what he wears. Harrison encourages everyone to look past their own insecurities and wear whatever it is that makes them feel fully themselves.

Dress: Urban Outfitters || Bandana: Amazon || Shoes: Dr. Martens Terry Leather Strap || Bag: Thrifted || Earring and Necklace: Self-made || Butterfly Clip: Urban Outfitters

Top: Thrifted || Skirt: Thrifted || Bandana: Self-made || Shoes: Air Force 1s || Necklace: Self-made || Earrings: Self-made || Flower Clip: Target

Dress: Thrifted || Shirt: Thrifted || Shoes: Dr. Martens Terry Leather Strap || Bandana: Amazon || Necklace: Versona || Earrings: Urban Outfitters

If you’ve enjoyed this and want to see more, check out our interview with Harrison below!

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