Luke describes his style as “dark, experimental, and fun”. His artistic side has definitely found its way into his wardrobe with one of his biggest influences being art! His love for clothes and creativity fused to create the outfits featured in this shoot. He encourages everyone to fill their closets piece by piece and build outfits spontaneously. Below you’ll find three of his favorite summer outfits. Keep scrolling for some Crisler inspiration and check out his interview to learn more about what influences his style!

Top : Calvin Klein || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Chain: Amazon

Top: Ralph Lauren || Pants: Ralph Lauren

Top: || Jacket: Urban Outfitters || Jeans: Nordstrom || Belt: Nordstrom || Shoes: Amazon

Top: Urban Outfitters || Jacket: Yves Saint Laurent || Jeans: Nordstrom || Shoes: Amazon

Check out the video below for our interview with Luke!

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